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I'm on Debian/Gnome - I've always been using Alt Tab but sometimes I have 20 or so programs and I would prefer if I could jump to the program by hitting something like Alt+F1 or Ctrl+1 so if 'vim' is my first program listed at the bottom left then it jumps and opens it.

Or perhaps there are other window managers with something similar? I'm fine with there being a limit of 9 since I can't map something to two-digits obviously.

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I'm on my XP partition at the moment, so I can't look at the details myself, but I think you might find the options in the CCSM under Window Management useful (specifically the Window Picker or Grouping).

You would have to be using compiz (which I think comes with Jaunty) and install the CCSM.

CCSM installation discussion:

EDIT: Apparently "new users can only post a maximum of one hyperlink" which is silly. I'll see if I can leave the other links in the comments.

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@ThomasGHenry: Yeah, sometimes the spam prevention mechanisms do cause a great deal of inconvenience to legitimate users! – Vijay Dev Nov 25 '09 at 10:05

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