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Alt+F6 used to cycle between opened windows of same application in Windows XP but this does not seem to work in Win7. Is there any alternate shortcut for the same? I tried finding it on google but could not find any relevant result.

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I've just tried Alt+F6 in MS Word 2007 on Win7 and it works perfectly fine. – dnbrv Mar 28 '12 at 17:19

First, pin the program to the taskbar. Then press the windows key + the numeric position of the pinned icon.

For example, if first icon is task manager, second is windows explorer and 3rd is firefox. Assuming you have multiple firefox windows opened, pressing Windows + 3 will cycle you thru each firefox window.

Source: and click on Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts

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Or try a tool like this.

The shortcut for changing between windows of the same application would be Ctrl+`.


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