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I would really like for clients on my VPN to be able to use the client names from the OpenVPN licenses as DNS names. If, for example, my machine is connected with the client name tgm-desktop then I'd like to be able to use the DNS name tgm-desktop in pings and remote desktop calls from other client systems.

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I'll admit that I wasn't aware of OpenVPN having "client names", or, even, licenses. However, for user names, it might be possible to write a module for bind9 or another DNS server that would read the data from OpenVPN's management socket; however, I have not seen any such implementation yet. In a system I manage, this (usernames in DNS) has been done by configuring the OpenVPN server to run a client-connect script that simply regenerates static zone files every time a client connects. (There are usually only 1-4 clients at a time, so the performance is okay.) – grawity Mar 28 '12 at 15:54
Certificates are named for each client, unless you allow using a single certificate multiple times. – Thomas G. Mayfield Mar 28 '12 at 16:47

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