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show engine innodb status; is unusable in MySQL Workbench, as shown here:

=====================================120329 12:39:32 INNODB MONITOR OUTPUT=====================================Per second averages calculated from the last 17 seconds-----------------BACKGROUND THREAD-----------------srv_master_thread loops: 192438...

However show engine innodb status \G is great on the mysql command line client.

Is there any \G equivalent on MySQL workbench or better way to get this information?

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Once you execute show engine innodb status;

  • float the mouse over the Status field
  • right click for a popup menu
  • click 'Open Value in Viewer'
  • When the viewer opens up, you can
    • Scroll through the Viewer
    • Click Save Button in the lower left corner to save to a Text File
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Unnecessarily cumbersome way to do it. Better follow answer of Roman or Everaldo – Christopher Lörken May 27 '14 at 15:23

On MySQL Workbench 6 you can use Query -> Execute Current Statement (Vertical Text Output) like I explained in MySQL Workbench Vertical Output (Portuguese). You can also use keyboard shortcut Alt+Cmd+Enter (on Mac).

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This should be the accepted answer. Run query with Alt+Cmd+Enter on Mac, or Ctrl+Alt+Enter on other systems and you see everything as with \G – Christopher Lörken May 27 '14 at 15:20

Or you can just press Ctrl+Alt+Enter or choose 'Query → 'Execute Current Statement (Vertical output)'

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Thanks! ⌥⌘⏎ for Mac – corretge Dec 5 '14 at 9:10

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