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for me as a programmer its very convenient to use a US keyboard layout. In fact I got so used to it that its hard for me to go back to the localized layout of my native language German. What I miss though are Umlauts.

I would like to create some X mapping allowing me to use the fn keys of my keyboards in combination with another letter key 'a' to for example create the character 'ä'.

I have tried other methods which are all just too annoying. I also don't want to switch the entire keyboard layout between US and German just because I need four or so additional letters.

Anyone having an idea on how to do this? Any idea if this could work outside the X server as well?

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In Ubuntu, I hold down right alt key and press cyrillic "у" to get cyrillic "ў" (alt+digits while in Ukr layout give me 1²§$°<>•[]—≠\; alt+shift+[some]digits -- ₴€–±; alt+е -- ё). This can be configured through Keyboard Preferences, I believe. I hope, the same is possible in your case. – brownian Mar 29 '12 at 7:00
I don't have an English keyboard layout, but try AltGr and Shift+AltGr combinations with all the characters to see if some of your wanted characters fall out. EDIT: quite related to the above comment. I should really learn to reload the page before responding :-) . – Daniel Andersson Mar 29 '12 at 7:26

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