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I am using notepad++ 5.9x, And i currently installed notepad 6.0. But i am unable to see my customized settings in the newer version. (I have not uninstalled the previous version, I downloaded 7zip format of notepad++).

please help me in order to get back my 1)Macros 2) keyboard shortcuts(customized)

Thanks and regards

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By default, Notepad++ macros, styles, keyboard shortcuts are not saved in its install path, but in a junction path: C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++

  1. Press the windows button on your keyboard and type %AppData%, press Enter
  2. Go to the Notepad++ folder of your old installation and copy paste all the xml files (and plugins if you have them) into your new version of Notepad++

This should work. I've ported my Notepad++ styles between three different systems using this approach.

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