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Is it possible to bulk export multiple sheets in an Excel Document to separate tab-delimited text files? As it is, it only exports the active sheet. I've got a document with 850 sheets, all of which I'd like to get exported as tab-delimited.

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Take a look here or here – Raystafarian Mar 29 '12 at 19:54
I should note I'm on OS X Excel 2008. THat one solution uses stuff with shell32.dll. We already gave that one a shot, but failed there. – Keefer Mar 29 '12 at 20:03
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Quick and simple would be something like this:

Public Sub ExportSheets(wbk As Workbook, sPath As String)
   Dim sht As Worksheet
   For Each sht In wbk.Worksheets
      sht.SaveAs sPath & sht.Name & ".txt", XlFileFormat.xlTextMac
   Next sht
   MsgBox "Done exporting."
End Sub

On Windows, you would call this by typing ExportSheets ActiveWorkbook, "C:\Data\" in the immediate window.

Note I'm closing the workbook when done because the workbook is now the last saved text file and not the original workbook.

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