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I have windows 7 64 as host and windows xp & Red hat linux as guest via vmware. They are working well. now i want to connect to winxp and redhat linux from host via putty.

But when I tried to connect to Windows XP the result is connection refused. I can't communicate via putty either by entering the guest (Windows xp) IP address or name. I have installed putty in host OS (Windows 7 x64).

Is it neccessary to switch on vmware with guest os while interacting through putty?

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If you want to interact with Windows XP using putty, then it needs to be running a service that putty can communicate with.

Ideally, this would be an SSH server, so installing something like would allow you to log into Windows XP using ssh through putty.

You are seeing a connection refused because XP does not understand ssh natively and so is not listening on port 22. Redhat on the other hand installs an ssh server by default.

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