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I'm trying to write a little batch script which is supposed to backup all printers on a Win2008 print server using printbrm. Here's what I've got so far:

%comspec% /c spool\tools\printbrm -B -S \\SERVERNAME -F Print_Backup.printerExport -O FORCE

All this does is open a command shell, just to close it instantly, though I have no idea why. Can anyone help me out?

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You probably want to use the full path %WINDIR%\System32\Spool\Tools, there's no guarantee that %comspec% will start in the right directory.
The /c will make the script close as soon as it's done so add a pause as the last line of the batch file to see what messages show up.

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I was able to workaround the problem by simply adding a 'del' clause at the beginning of the script. It seems like the option '-o force' wasn't really doing what it was supposed to.

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