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I routinely visit pages like http://trac.server/milestone/Milestone Name Here. In Firefox (11.0 on Ubuntu, but this has happened for a while), the URL is displayed as trac.server/milestone/Milestone Name Here (without the protocol).

If I then click into the URL bar (either to edit the URL, or just to resubmit it), and press Enter, then the spaces are assumed to indicate that I'm searching, and I get a nice Google search page trying to look for trac.server/milestone/Milestone Name Here. For extra points, this search page gets saved in my history results.

If I manually add the http:// at the front of the URL, then the search is submitted correctly. But I don't want to have to do that.

This is annoying and time-wasting. How can I avoid this?

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One option is to turn off the URL trimming (see this question): setting browser.urlbar.trimURLs to false in about:config.

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