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I am trying to convert powerpoint slides into a png. I know that there are several ways that allow to do this by allowing for changing the resolution (e.g., within powerpoint by changing the registry, or using pdf printers as proposed here and here).

However, always changing the registry is cumbersome and using the pdf printer (bullzip printer and pdfforge) is not working as expected.

Does anyone know of easy, free and reliable way to export powerpoint (2010) slides into png pictures while allowing to easily change the resoltuion?

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You can also directly export to pdf...or take a snapshot :) – clabacchio Mar 30 '12 at 18:01
@clabacchio Thanks, but I am specifically interested in exporting as png with specific resolutions. – Henrik Mar 30 '12 at 18:12

I just went through this, and PowerPoint is pretty ridiculous in its restrictions on export resolution. However, I skirted around it by exporting to PDF, and from Acrobat exporting to PNG; Acrobat gives you a lot of options for export resolution and this approach worked fine. This allows you to end up with a high-quality PNG of your PowerPoint slide(s).

I'm sure this path would work well with a free tool like GIMP as well, as I believe GIMP understands PDF's.

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Nice idea. Will definitely give it a try. – Henrik Oct 8 '13 at 21:16
@Henrik - Did this work for you? If yes, could you mark it as answered. – Kent Pawar Nov 7 '14 at 23:29
@KentPawar Not really. Sorry. – Henrik Nov 8 '14 at 2:39

If you don't mind getting a little VBA under your fingernails, there's some sample code on my PowerPoint FAQ site that explains how to do it:

Export slides as graphics

Minor caveats:

Some versions won't let you export at > 3072 pixels

If you have PowerPoint 2007 w/o service pack 1 at least, the exports will get munged

Some versions of 2007 and, I think, 2010 will give you odd lines at right and top/bottom if you export at over 3000 pixels or so. Stick with 3000 and you should be ok.

Sub ExportMe()
    Dim ExportPath As String 
    Dim Pixwidth As Integer, Pixheight As Integer
    Dim oSlide As Slide

    ' Edit to suit. Set whatever value you like here
    Pixwidth = 1024

    ' Set height proportional to slide height
    Pixheight = (Pixwidth * ActivePresentation.PageSetup.Slideheight) / ActivePresentation.PageSetup.Slidewidth
    ExportPath = ActivePresentation.Path & "\"
    Set oSlide = ActiveWindow.View.Slide
    With oSlide
        .Export ExportPath & "Slide" & CStr(.SlideIndex) & ".JPG", "JPG", Pixwidth, Pixheight
    End With
End Sub
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This should be pretty reliable. Set Powerpoint to export as 300dpi PNG. Then use Irfanview to change the resolution - you can either do slides individually or as a batch.

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Just to propose one more program which can help:


You will need to export slides as PNG or JPEG lets say. After that you can bulk convert/change resolution of them with the above program.

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