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I am doing my appendix for thesis. I need to include the appendix and I have already done section breaks.The page numbers for the appendix should go like A,A-1,A-2,A-3 and B-1,B-2,B-3 so on. I can't seem to to be able to do even after the section seem that when i change the page above, the one below gets affected. not sure how to solve this problem.

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The problem with the second response is that if you are creating a table of contents from the reference tab, the A and B part of the page numbers will not populate in the TOC. If you are brave, you can create a macro. Here are some instructions that I copied from and have used myself. It will create a macro in your document for custom page numbering. – user353529 Aug 5 '14 at 14:20

Assuming your page numbers are on a footer (or header), it seems that Word makes them "same as above by" default. Thus numbering goes across sections.

Activate your footer, look if there is a tab "same as above" on it. There is a button on a ribbon which removes that. After that your fields on a footer will be independent.

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I am still not able to do it.... u mean link to previous? – lakesh Mar 31 '12 at 1:02

By default Word copies headers and footers from the previous section. To change the headers and footers in a section, double-click its header or footer.

In Header & Footer Tools, make sure Link to Previous is not selected in Navigation group. (Word 2010 displays Same as Previous near the header/footer area if Link to Previous is selected.) Then type A- before the page number.

To start numbering from 1 in the section, click Page Number button in the Header & Footer group, and then click Format Page Numbers. In Page Number Format dialog, select Start at (instead of Continue from previous section), and enter 1 into the edit box. Click OK to confirm.

Now the page numbers should display as A-1, A-2

Repeat the steps above for section with Appendix B.

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