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I want to do a git-clone from an ssh connection, on an ovh host-server, but it does not work:

Here's the command I entered:

git clone ssh :/ / / www / (and all variations /. Git / www / .git, / www / .git / ... )

This is the message that I invariably get:

fatal: '/ www': unable to chdir or not a git archive fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Moreover, the command git clone "ssh :/ / / ~ / forumdesthinktanks.git" responded with:

Permission denied, please try again. 's password:

While the ftp password is correct.

Finally, the commands

git clone ssh :/ / /. Git


git clone ssh :/ / / ~ / forumdesthinktanks.git

do not work (until the terminal's time out). I'm using a terminal from my Mac.

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It's kind of hard for me to see what you're doing with the way you formatted it, but here's some things to remember when cloning:

  1. It's CaSE SenSiTivE.
  2. You want to use git clone ssh:// assuming default configurations. (it could also be that the directory with the repository ends in .git, so then you wouldn't have the /.git at the end)
  3. Make sure you have at least read permissions to the repository.

You might be doing this so that it doesn't become a link in your post, but you shouldn't have spaces before or after the /s. (really no spaces at all except in certain conditions)

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Thank you for your response? It seems I don't have the right permission. Best, Newben – Newben Apr 2 '12 at 12:40
@Newben You can check if you have proper permissions by sshing into the server normally, going to the enclosing directory and using ls -l – Cole Apr 2 '12 at 22:12
Hello Everybody, you're absolutely right ! I went to an ssh connectoin, made a 'pwd', and I had the right path. I put in my git-clone command : 'git clone ssh :/ / /'Path' and it worked. Thanks a lot, Newben – Newben Apr 3 '12 at 16:25

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