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I had my HP G61 laptop running in sleep for a while. When I came back to it about a half-hour later, it was no longer in sleep mode - the power light and the Wi-Fi indicator light were on (I keep Wi-Fi off becuase I use a wired connection) - but nothing was showing on screen. In fact, the display wasn't even turned on. So I let it sit for about 10 minutes but nothing happened.

I did a force shut down and rebooted. Instead of a normal boot, the display didnt turn on, the Wi-Fi indicator was off, and the Caps Lock and Num Lock lights just blinked repeatedly. On the external keyboard i use, none of the light indicators were blinking or even on. I tried force shut-down again 10 times, then unplugged all connections except for the power cable (my laptop battery dosent hold a charge for more than 2 minutes, so I always must have a wall connection) and tried to boot again but still nothing happened. I unplugged the battery and even then nothing happened. I also tried booting with the disk drive open, and then with it closed again. On the time it was closed, I was able to successfully boot into Windows, but recieved a "Windows did not shut-down sucessfully" notice. Does anybody know why this may have happened?

My PC's specs:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
  • 4GB of physical RAM, 8GB of vRAM (on a flash drive)
  • AMD Vision x64 processor (don't know any other specs about it)
  • ATI Radeon graphics card, 392 MB
  • DVD-R/W lightscribe drive
  • 2 External hard-disks (first one is 1.5TB, second one is 1TB)
  • custom boot-screen and boot-annimation
  • Standard BIOS

apps running before sleep:

  • firefox 10.4
  • itunes 10.6
  • adobe photoshop extended CS5.1
  • rockstar games social club (running in background)
  • microsoft powerpoint 2010 professional edition
  • google chrome

I was NOT running Aero or any fancy themes - I was using the normal windows classic theme. I have a desktop icon manager application called Stardock Fences that was also running (it runs as a service/process).

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So your computer works but you're wondering what the blinking lights meant? Here's a link to their meaning and a troubleshooting/resolution guide: Link

enter image description here

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