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When I rebooted my Mac, Google Chrome suddenly are displaying all fonts in a very thin partly jagged style which wasn´t the case before the reboot.

Is there a way to use CSS to restore it? Is there a known font issue with Chrome?

Chrome version: 18.0.1025.142 Mac OS version: 10.7.2

Thankful for all input!

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There have been problems with the GPU powered font rendering in the dev build of Chrome 18: gdipp Issue 205

The workaround posted there might work for you:

  1. load chrome://flags/
  2. disable GPU compositing on all pages, Composited render layer borders, GPU Accelerated Drawing
  3. relaunch Chrome

You might also try to downgrade Chrome using one of the versions from here, but you'll have to disable auto-updates to prevent Chrome updating itself back to 18 in this case.

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