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My plan is that I'm going to use a 8GB SD-card for my Raspberry PI. The PI itself will not store much more then the actual OS and its components, but will instead gather all required files from different sources across the local network.

Say I'd like to stream a 720p / 1080p movie. That'd probably need more than the ~5-6GB available - which is causing my question: How to reduce the disk space required while streaming? Only storing the current part of the movie and deleting viewed parts is a way that comes to my mind.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to this in reality, or other ways to achieve what I'm trying to do.

Appreciating all input and suggestions.

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You can try something like this.

Suppose you have the video in the remote mounted /mnt

In /mnt you can start a fifo

cd /mnt
mkfifo movii
cat your_movie > movii

Just cd to your $HOME and you can watch the video with

cat movii | mplayer -- -

Hope this answers your question.

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