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I just finished reading the subject post Remotely turning on or rebooting a frozen computer and have further questions.

I'm very interested in remote access to my server, in particular restarting it when it is in a stalled or blue-screen state.

How can I determine if my server is AMT enabled? It has a GIGABYTE GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 Motherboard and Intel Core i5-2500K CPU.

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It is not enabled, as AMT is only for vPro processors from Intel (see here for the list) and yours is not one of them.

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The Intel Z68 is a desktop/Gaming chipset and does not appear to support AMT. You might look at adding a board that allows Lights Out management but likley not inexpensive. Any I have seen are from server vendors like Dell, HP and IBM/Lenovo and are often itegrated now.

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