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Is there a driver or program that will emulate the four finger and three finger touch gestures when using Windows 7? I really enjoy that functionality on OS X and would love to have Windows respond similarly.

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On my computer (Samsung NP700) I can use features with finger gestures (1, 2, 3 or 4 fingers!)

This is possible through a software / driver named Elan Smart Pad ...

Now I'm just trying to configure shortcuts based on these gestures. Unfortunately they are predefined and can not be changed.

Look at my post ..

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A Chrome extension is out which enable Bootcampers to swipe back/forth with two fingers for pages. You can get it here:

Or search for it yourself: Swipe Gesture

In google addon store.

All credits goes to for creating this. It's still at an early stage, but very useful indeed. And as seeing that swiping back/forth is one of the most used multi touch features (at least to my experience) this addon is a godsend. Also has no problem with people running virtual machines, as the addon can simply be turned off.

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