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new to Linux here. Can anyone explain me how to increase the size of /tmp?

I was able to increse the size of /dev/mapper/vg00-usr, var and home , but how can I do if the /tmp folder is shown as "none". See my pic. Any help is appreciated!

enter image description here

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That looks like the output of the df command. What does mount output? (I'm looking for /tmp's filesystem type.) – thb Apr 2 '12 at 3:24
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CentOS use tmpfs for /tmp. Check your /etc/fstab for a line like this :

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs size=4g 0 0 

and change the size accordingly.

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I was looking for this info for debian and found this thread after some more digging I just found the solution, just to note how it works here. To use disk instead of ram for tmpsfs edit /etc/default/rcS and set this:


To increase the size of tmp there's another file (/etc/default/tmpfs) you can use


Part of this information have been extracted from here

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CentOS, Karl !!! Centos.... – ADM Nov 19 '15 at 22:37

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