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My question is clear and simple I want to have full row select in detail view for Windows XP. There are some articles about a tool named TrayProdder but the website seems to be down and I cannot find it anywhere else on the internet. What options do I have. If is very necessary for me have full row select. Please help.

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I tried to find TrayProdder, many of the links to trayprodder are Addware, and scam, and virus like, Avoid! Even if they had the binary , they would be the older version.

This looks like the legit code project, with the source, link-back to his page is down.
(would need to compile source)

There are other 3rd party File manager software that has options for Full Row Select

Q-Dir (takes getting used to, My favorite and free)

Directory Opus (A popular favorite, trial)

Explorer2 (this was nice, has a lite version side-by-side)

Possibly Total commander (very popular, also has versions for other platforms)

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The download of TrayProdder on this page appears to be clean of viruses according to – Moab Apr 2 '12 at 13:28
^ Checks out, and is also the 1.1 – Psycogeek Apr 2 '12 at 22:09

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