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my centos environment has just become bash shell prompt:


how do I change it back to the usual # prompt? what places should I check for possibly modifications?

Update: I was not clear in my question: the prompt used to be just a single # and supports more syntax(a different shell script than bash 3.2 perhaps)? I would like to switch back to that. for example, ll is not longer supported in this bash shell

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Undo whatever you did that changed it? – Mat Apr 1 '12 at 11:00

set the PS1 environment variable, for more details:

After your update: maybe there is an error while you enter terminal and load user scripts? try:

su - yourusername

and see if there is an error than.

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You can set your bash prompt in ~/.bashrc or if you want to do it globally in /etc/bash.bashrc

You mention 'the usual # prompt', but I'm assuming it doesn't always just show #. If you do want it to ever just show #, just setting "PS1='#'" in your bashrc would be sufficient. If you want more information on the prompt, I would suggest reading or the more in depth .

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