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I want to ping ip dslam, which is in another subnet

The connection is like this:

MyPc-----Rj45----------Adsl2+ Modem---------Rj11-------Dslam


The modem is set to Static Ip Address Encapsulation.

How can I ping ip dslam with this setup, or what do I need to change about the architecture?

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You should be able to reach your dslam, otherwise you wouldn't have a connection to the internet. It is possible that the dslam does not respond to ICMP pings or you are pinging the wrong address. is an unusual address for a dslam. Make sure you are trying to ping the wrong IP. You can check this by executing a traceroute to a website like Google on your PC. tracert

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I am not connected to internet through Dslam. I have other connection. Set up shown above is other thing. The details of the problem is given in below link. – vito Apr 4 '12 at 10:44

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