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I have a simple file with two worksheets in. In the first worksheet (a product list) are a number of columns, including Product Code and Product Description. In the second worksheet (dispatches in January), I have Product Code. I need to insert a new column with the associated Product Description field completed based on the relevant line from the first worksheet.

I'm sure this is very easy, but its not something I've done before.

Thank you

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What you're looking for is a vlookup

In the second column of sheet 2 you would use something like =vlookup(A1,sheet1!$A$1:$B$100,2,false) where A1 is your product code, sheet1!$A$1:$B:100 is the table of product codes and descriptions, 2 is the column that contains product descriptions and false is for perfect matches only.

You can then drag this down and it will look up the product codes for you and return the descriptions

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