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Say I have to connect a Bluetooth headset, it takes a long time to do it manually each time (and afterwards its the sound settings).

What kind of scripting or macro tools would I use to automate this.

One candidate seems to be Autohotkey, but it seems to be more about launcing the actions than programming them.

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Autohotkey could definitly be your choice. Following conceptuel possibilities:

1) Script the mouse clicks to do so. That is a bit of work in AHK

2) Launch the bluetooth menu via AHK (e.g. see ). This still requires one click then, you could also script that on.

I'm not yet satisfied with these so please share further insights.

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I've been looking into this because Windows 8 loves to autoconnect to my s305 headset, even though I often want to connect it to my phone, and Windows//my particular set-up is very greedy, refusing to release connection.

My solution is a hotkey that disables the bluetooth service, which I use before turning on the headset. (see my old method for auto connecting in the comment, I just made a link to the headset connection command)

^!+b:: EnvGet, DROPBOX, DROPBOX Run %DROPBOX%\Code\Services\utils\batcommands\bstop.lnk ;Run explorer.exe "C:\Users\s9b\Dropbox\Install and Setup\Win7Files\s305.lnk" return ^!+n:: EnvGet, DROPBOX, DROPBOX Run %DROPBOX%\Code\Services\utils\batcommands\bstart.lnk return

(disabling a service with dependencies requires admin access, so I use an admin-access-enabled .lnk to a .bat file)

bat files just say: net stop bthserv and net start bthserv net start bthHFSrv

But back to your question. It seems someone over in the autohotkey forums found a way to change the registry value for the default audio device.

; Toggle Sound Devices !+s:: RegRead, Device, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Sound Mapper, Playback if(Device = "Realtek HD Audio output") { RegWrite, REG_SZ, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Sound Mapper, Playback, Sound Blaster Audigy Device := "Audigy" } else { RegWrite, REG_SZ, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Sound Mapper, Playback, Realtek HD Audio output Device := "Realtek" }

ToolTip, % "Sound Device: " Device
SetTimer, ResetToolTip, 1000 return
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