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I'm going crazy on a weird issue, I've been trying to find this text:

CREATE Proc [dbo].[procName] (@EMI_ID numeric(8), @ESYNTH_ID numeric(8), @FLD_ID numeric(8), @SYNTH_ID numeric(8)) As

And I use this regex:

CREATE Proc \[dbo\]\.\[(.+)\] \(@EMI_ID numeric\(8\), @ESYNTH_ID numeric\(8\), @FLD_ID numeric\(8\), @SYNTH_ID numeric\(8\)\) As

In the "find"
However this won't work, BUT if I try to match with just this regex (same as above but without the last stored proc parameter):

CREATE Proc \[dbo\]\.\[(.+)\] \(@EMI_ID numeric\(8\), @ESYNTH_ID numeric\(8\), @FLD_ID numeric\(8\),

It works without problem.

I have also tried to use TextFX's Find and Replace to no avail.
Please help, madness consumes me!

Thanks ;)

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yup your regex is correct.

but notepad++ seems to be in my tests limited to 103 char, regex string.

CREATE Proc \[dbo]\.\[(.+)\] \(@EMI_ID numeric\(8\), @ESYNTH_ID numeric\(8\), @FLD_ID numeric\(8\), @S

tested and found multi in text file i created.

hope this helps.

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Although not the nicest regex, your first regex should match the target string. This is a fault with Notepad++.

I find A Programmer's Notepad to be a better text editor, and in fact your regex works in this program,

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