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I'm using aero but the same issue occurs whether or not I use it. When I click on some programs on my taskbar rather than make the windows themselves appear they just flash in the taskbar as if they have been activated.

It has been occuring for a while but occasionally it goes away for while, really not sure why.

If anyone could help me I'd be rather grateme

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  • Try right-clicking the program on the taskbar to see what options are provided in its menu; it might be that an option besides "Open" is default, such as acknowledging a new message, etc.
  • It might be that the window for the program is open, but not visible, due to multiple monitors or a glitch in the program's settings. One way to fix this is to shift + right-click on the taskbar button, select "Move" and then tap an arrow key on your keyboard to lock the mouse cursor to the window. Finally, move your mouse cursor and the program window should snap into visible monitor real estate.
  • Some programs have options to show in the Notification Area (by the clock, once called the system tray), or as taskbar programs or both (for example, WinAmp). You might want to look at your program settings to see if it offers this option. In some cases, double-clicking the notification area icon brings the window back, but single- or double-clicking the taskbar button seems to do nothing.
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Thanks for that, I'll try that out next time it happens – Eva Lacy Apr 3 '12 at 11:15

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