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Does the inverse color view (command, option, ctrl, 8) take up extra battery life on a mac? And if it that extra life significant?

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Heh, is this to settle a bet? – Griffin Apr 2 '12 at 21:15
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I wouldn't imagine this would consume a significant amount of battery life. If the inverse color view is a background process continuously running then it might reduce battery life a bit - but I doubt this is the case and its just a setting that doesn't really add to the load of the computer.

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If you'd be using one of these antique CRT monitors darkening the contents of your display would really save a lot of power. On modern LCD monitors there should be no difference at all.

There is a site called Blackle (a black google replacement) which claims to have saved a lot of power already, but I doubt that they are running their stats against LCDs.

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