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Is there a way for me to assign a F1 - F12 key to a specific command on my MacBook?

This is what I am trying to do:

  • F1 = Shift + Command + 4
  • F2 = Shift + Command + 3
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@Tom I'm not too sure the OP meant Fn+1 rather than F1. Since they used the + separator for the equivalents I guess they meant F1. D. Thomas, if that's not what you meant, please clarify. – slhck Apr 3 '12 at 8:19

Sure, in your System Preferences » Keyboard » Keyboard Shortcuts, just reassign these.



Note that this assigns the F keys, and not the actual Fn key per se. This is not possible as it just toggles between using the action keys and the standard F keys, as defined in the same Preference Pane.

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