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I installed FreeTDS in CentOS 6 and I can connect from php to remote MS SQL server. However I cannot set up odbc connection so that it shows in list of ODBC connections in OpenOffice apps.

If my server is called [\myinstance] in freetds.conf what should I put in odbcinst.ini, and what in odbc.ini in order to be able to see this connection availabe for use in OpenOffice Base and Calc?

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I dont' know if it is really correct to ask a question and then answer it later. If it isn't I appologize.

  1. In odbcinst.ini add


    Description = v0.91 with protocol v7.2

    Driver = /usr/lib/

  2. In ~/.odbc.ini add

    [MSSQLTestServer] Driver = FreeTDS Description = MSSQL DB Trace = No Server =\myinstance Database = MyDataBaseName

Now I have MSSQLTestServer listed as available source and can use it in OO.

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