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I am looking for a free or FOSS software application for SIMPLY charting stock prices. I am not interested in any of the other nonsense typically bundled with such packages (technical analysis, back testing, tracking etc, etc).

All I want to do is the following:

  1. Import file from CSV and plot on the chart
  2. Ability to scroll the chart left/right (zoom feature would be nice to)
  3. Ability to draw straight line (between 2 points) on the plot
  4. Ability to plot the graph for different resolutions (for e.g weekly, monthly - or some other custom resolution that I want)
  5. print the displayed graph (I can always use screen capture if printing is too much to ask)

Thats all I want to do. I am not interested in anything else. I would have thought I could have found something by now. I would have written my own tool (I still will do that at a later stage), but I am a bit short of time at the moment, so I just want something that will do all of the above.

Can anyone recommend a package.

Last but not the least, I am running on Linux (and would prefer to do so - BUT if I have to, I can run on ahem - you know, Windows)

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AmCharts is a basic charting package that fits this bill. The free version has an embedded web link. It has a varying degree of options,but a simple line chart is the base choice. They have a couple of programming environments: HTML5/Javascript, Flex/Flash and SilverLight Here's a sample of their smooth line chart: AmChart for charts example

Another javascript option is flot

For all javascript based charts, printing is done thru your browser's menu.

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