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I have bluetooth headphones which I use to both listen to music from my mobile phone and to listen to videos on my laptop. They cannot be connected to both devices at once (note here), so I have to disconnect from one device before connecting to the next device.

To do this on Windows 7, I have to open Devices and Printers, open my bluetooth headphones, and click on the Connect/Disconnect button. I'd love to be able to run a script that triggers that Connect/Disconnect button. That way I could have a shortcut on the desktop or add a keyboard shortcut.

I've streamlined it somewhat by creating a shortcut to the bluetooth heaphones window (in Devices and Printers, right click on your bluetooth device and choose Create Shortcut). But it would be good to streamline further.

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Yes. My computer does not have Bluetooth capabilities, but you can use AutoHotkey to automate the process. See my answer here for ideas:… – iglvzx Apr 4 '12 at 0:37
Thanks, good idea. I 'll try it out when I have a spare minute. – David Cook Apr 16 '12 at 1:22
@DavidCook Let us know if you get it sorted out, I'd love to grab a copy of that script. – BigElittles Jun 30 at 16:45
Sorry @Big, I don't think I ever sorted it out. Glad you found a solution. – David Cook yesterday

I found an a similar question, here is the resolution.

if exist toggle.txt goto :2
btpair -u
C:\NIRCMD\NIRCMDC setdefaultsounddevice "CompSpeak" 1
C:\NIRCMD\NIRCMDC setdefaultsounddevice "CompSpeak" 2

echo toggle>>toggle.txt

btpair -n"[Samsung] AirTrack" -p0000
C:\NIRCMD\NIRCMDC setdefaultsounddevice "Headphones" 1
C:\NIRCMD\NIRCMDC setdefaultsounddevice "Headphones" 2

del toggle.txt /q


OP said that he was getting a pop up message box, but he is also on windows 8 so that might be unique to his setup.

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