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The dialer software of my ISP that connects to my wi-fi network. While connecting it creates a control-less windows which gets stuck in the middle of the my win7 desktop screen and does not goes off. I cannot close it or minimize it as there are no controls on it.

I want to know how to minimize or close the windows without killing the app via Task Manager.

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There's no screenshot I can see, but usually pressing Windows + D or clicking on the rectangle in the bottom right hides all programs even if they don't have controls

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Try Alt,Space, N with the window active. This is assuming there's at least some sort of control box, even if it's hidden.

You may even see a context menu appear after pressing Alt and then Space.

Tim's suggestion to show the Desktop using Windows+D doesn't always work, as it could restore all minimised windows when you choose another application again.

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