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To avoid the lack of analog ports in the past I bought a USB headset, it broke recently :( I'd really like to use my uber pair of headphones unfortunately they use analog so I'm having a little trouble with the MacPro's lack of holes :)

I'm on a MacPro (2009) so I would either need a PCI-e card or an external card. I primarily want to use this headset in Windows7 (bootcamp) but it would be nice to be able to use it in OSX (10.6) as well.

OSX compatible PCI-e sound cards are very expensive and aimed at audio professionals. I've seen a few external sound cards that are USB that seem like they would do the trick and work in Windows and OSX. I don't have any experience with sounds cards so I don't know how an external card would perform. I could just use a PCI-e card like a SoundBlaster and just use it in Windows.

If anyone can suggest a solution that will work on both OS that would be great! I've looked around, it seems many have tried, but most discussions I've read end up being a discussion about what true 5.1 is...

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After a bit of looking around I went for a Gamesurround Muse XL Pocket LT3

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