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I use the Speed Dial extension from Chrome and whenever I enter in a new file:// bookmark it automatically converts this to http://file//, and this doesn't work. I have the LocalLink extension so I can use the file URL manually but for some reason this extension just won't play nice. So, this is annoying and since development on this extension is dead I doubt that this will get fixed anytime soon.

So as a work around, is it possible to somehow encode file:// in an HTTP URL? Like http://file%3A//...?

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Not trivially. The "http:" scheme expects that HTTP will be used to contact some sort of server. It may be possible to put up a server that performs a redirect to a file: URL, but 1) someone has to put it up, and 2) someone has to pay for the (admittedly small) traffic generated. You should consider asking the addon author to fix it.

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Thanks for the info although I might be more productive trying out one of the other dial extensions rather than trying to get the author to fix it.. – E.Beach Apr 5 '12 at 0:06

Adding "file%#A//" would create an the invalid URL. It wouldn't behave in the way that you want it to.

You should either manually edit the bookmark to remove the "http://" or temporarily disable the extension when creating these types of bookmarks.

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