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I'm currently trying to remap my H key (<AC06>) to act like the Ctrl key.

I added the following in the /usr/.../xkb/symbols/us file:

key <AC06> { [ Control_L, Control_L ] };

It seemed to work as programs that have a different behavior when Ctrl is down (like Chrome) recognised the key as Ctrl. But when used in conjunction with any other key (ctrl-T for example, or H-T here) it did not work.

I also tried to add partial alphanumeric_keys modifier_keys in front of the xkb_symbols declaration and to add replace key <AC06>... but to no avail.

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Found the answer!

All I had to add was the following line:

modifier_map Control { <AC06> };        `

But now I'm having issues as GNOME seems to think that H is still Ctrl (and H at the same time!) while in other layouts (I was modifying colemak but it had an impact on other layouts too)...

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