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I am looking forward to buy a NAS device. However I have some issues regarding the network/setup. I get internet from a wireless router, which gets in the house somewhere on a typical ADSL connector, and it has a very nice spot on a shelf. The phone company has a very well defined entry point in the house for the network cable, which is the furthest possible from where I want to put the NAS box. I don't want to have 20 meters of cables running around the house, it will be ugly... So, the question:

How can I setup the NAS box using the only existing wireless router (regardless that I could draw 20 meters of network cable from the wireless router to the location of the NAS -> I don't want this) in the house... I'm not aware of any NAS which has a WiFi connectivity (at least the one I plan to use ( has nothing like that. What other hardware will I need to make this work?


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You should investigate where your ADSL modem is located. The modem can connect to any phone jack, although that then requires every phone to use a filter. If the phone company has not installed the ADSL modem at the NID and split the line, then you might be able to simply relocate the ADSL modem to a convenient location for the NAS – sawdust Apr 5 '12 at 21:42
To get an idea of how slow your proposed wireless NAS setup would be, use another PC in place of the NAS. Then perform a PC to PC file transfer over two wireless hops. I'd guess that you could not play HD videos even with 802.11n links. – sawdust Apr 5 '12 at 21:55
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You can use a wifi-to-ethernet bridge (I won't post any examples as shopping advice is prohibited on stackexchange). I will point out however that your NAS has gigabit ethernet so you'll be severely crippling it's capabilities by using it over wifi.

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