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I have 'disabled' the guest account on my macbook pro running Lion via System Preferences > Users & Groups.

Guest Account Disabled

However the guest account still seems to appear as an option to login at start up and when switching users.

I have never used the guest account for anything, and I have tried a system restore but the guest user has returned as before. How can I get rid of it?


edit: I also just enabled and disabled the account again - but the guest option still appears at startup offering a safari only restart for a guest user.

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Check Disable restarting to Safari when screen is locked in System Preferences » Security & Privacy » General. This option controls whether Safari Mode is available when starting the computer. It's not an actual (temporary) user account, so the user accounts preferences aren't having an effect.

Screenshot of System Preferences

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Perfect, thanks. – Wezly Apr 7 '12 at 10:00
Note that "Screen is locked" is an interesting sign of the iOS-ification of Mac OS X. There is no "locked screen" and "computer turned off" anymore: It's the same thing. – Daniel Beck Apr 7 '12 at 10:03

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