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I'm using OS X fully updated and patched, along with Safari. A few weeks back I started noticing a Flash problem: Every time I load a youtube video, the CPU consumption goes up to 100% on one core and the video tries to load but doesn't until several dozen seconds or sometimes even minutes later.

If I kill Safari the the QTKit process that sandboxes the Flash plugin is still there and usually remains alive for a few seconds, then dies.

I am also running the latest Flash plugin, since it self-updated a few days back.

I really don't know what to do anymore, Flash is simply unusable on Safari (but works fine on Chrome) and I don't know whether reinstalling Safari from scratch would help but I feel a bit uneasy about doing that.

Any ideas to debug the problem?

  • OS X 10.7.3 on Intel
  • Safari 5.1.5
  • No extensions installed on Safari
  • Pretty much vanilla OS X, only apps added

Thanks in advance!

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