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My solid state boot drive just crashed in my laptop and it's my only PC at the moment.

I have a data drive in my laptop as well - so I figured I'd just wipe it and install my OS on it for the time being.

The thing is I have about 5-10 files that I need and are new since my last backup. I am able to boot into Windows 7 Setup from a USB flash drive, and I have an external HDD ready.

My question is: is it possible for me to access data on this disk from a command prompt in windows setup? And if so, how?

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If you aren't comfortable with the linux LiveCD, the BartPE will do the same with Windows

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Yes. When you boot the Windows 7 CD, the first screen asks for your language and keyboard layout. The next screen has a Repair your Computer option in the lower left corner. Click on that, then choose the Windows Installation from the list (if it finds one), chose an Administrative user, then click on Command Prompt

Note the drive letters may be different; you may need to either use DISKPART, or type dir x:, replacing x with each drive letter starting at C:. Make sure you plug in your USB hard drive before you start the computer, otherwise the Repair environment usually doesn't detect it

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