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Possible Duplicate:
Has Microsoft improved Scandisk, CHKDSK and Defrag in Windows 7?

Has chkdsk been updated in Windows 7? Is there any difference between running chkdsk on Windows 7 vs. running it on Windows XP?

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For one thing, the CHKDSK on Windows 7 supports the newer features of NTFS, and also has a bad block rescan feature. What this does is re-check every sector, including those marked as bad, and see if they are still bad. This is important if you imaged a bad hard drive over with bad blocks already on it; once Windows 7 (or Vista) sees this bad block, it doesn't write over it. With the /b option, it rechecks that and reclaims the space as available for you

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have not found anything different in my usage, but apparently there are some very minor differences just because windows7 is much newer, as you can see here:

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