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i have a situation here, i bought a new dell xps 15z and was successful in making drive partitions through the help of this site (

now i have drive C with 100.55gb and a new volume with 578.45gb

im planning to use EaseUS again to undo this and resize my drive C but im scared i might cause damage to my drive, is there a proper way to undo this and transfer the remaining 78.45gb from the new volume back to my drive C again? please help

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A simple batch file could do the trick, though it may take some time, make a new file ANYWHERE (on your C: drive of course) and name it "transfer.bat", then copy this code into it by right clicking and pressing edit;

@echo off
rem xcopy a: b: /s /e
set a=0
set b=0
title Transfer v1.0
echo Enter the new drive volume letter without the dash, just the letter:
set /p a=
if %a%==0 goto main
echo Windows is about to copy drive %a%: and store it into drive c:, continue?
set /p b=Y/N:
if %b%==Y goto yes
if %b%==y goto yes
if %b%==N goto no
if %b%==n goto no
goto confirm
echo Cancelled
echo Press any button to leave...
echo Copying...
xcopy %a%: c: /s /e
echo Complete!
echo Press any key to close...

Save it then run it, all from there is what you type in, please note to be safe this will COPY your drive, you may delete it afterwards, but both directories will be merged to the C: drive.

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