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I'm new to bittorrent seeding and I'm experimenting with an audio file that I'm adding to create my first torrent. I'm using transmission but at the field where I should add trackers I'm stuck and I don't know how to add a tracker. Could you help me maybe link to a list of good known bittorrent trackers for my file? It's a mixed audio file that I want to seed with bittorrent and using it legally.

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How to add trackers is good link for you. Here they have explained how to create a new torrent file and how to upload it and of course they have told how to add trackers and which are working.

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Well, in general, as long as the tracker is actually up, it shouldn't be an issue. Openbitorrent and publicbitorrent would be good options. You might also want to consider using a webseed - an easy way would be to upload the file somewhere and use burnbit

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Thanks for the answer. I tried with openbittorrent och added that tracker which as far as I understand is just adding the string to the so-called tracker list in my bittorrent application (transmission for ubuntu). – Programmer 400 Apr 12 '12 at 5:22

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