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I have to following setup on two Win7 machines connected over LAN:

UltraVNC Server <---- UltraVNC Viewer

Since I'm only interested into connecting always to the same server, I was wondering if it is possible to start the viewer and connect to the server with only one-click.

Start Viewer + Connect + Enter Password (three steps)

Since I've already figured out that I can automate the last step with the -password argument, I'm down to two steps:

Start Viewer + Connect (two steps)

How can I tell the UltraVNC viewer to automatically connect?

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This might help – Apr 7 '12 at 9:34
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Create a new shortcut, then following the documentation to see what to put into it. You'll find this example about halfway down the page:

"%programfiles%\ultravnc\vncviewer.exe" -autoreconnect 30 -connect hostname::5900 -quickoption 3

Substitute hostname for the machine you're after.

Note that the documentation doesn't seem to be clear on how to specify a host and a port. The example is host::port but I suspect it's actually host:port.

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thx! The "-connect" argument was what I was looking for. – Fabian Apr 8 '12 at 13:03

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