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I want to create ten folders named foo1java, foo2c, foo3python, etc.

I tried this but it creates too many directories:

mkdir foo{1..3}{java,c,python}

foo1c/     foo1python/  foo2java/    foo3c/     foo3python/
foo1java/  foo2c/       foo2python/  foo3java/

I just want map the numbers to the languages: 1 to java, 2 to c, 3 to python, etc.

How would I go about doing this?

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i=1; for j in java c python; do mkdir foo${i}${j}; i=$((i+1)); done

gives directories


To add more languages, just keep filling the word list after python with space-separated entities. The integer counter will keep up.

Addition: "Bashier" (but not better, so I would prefer the above solution, since it is more portable (even though it probably doesn't matter in this case)):

list=(java c python); i=1; while [ $i -lt ${#list} ]; do mkdir foo${i}${list[i-1]}; let i++; done

Just fill the array list with more entries as before.

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I hope to see short command line to solve this problem, if there is no any better answers, I would mark this answer. Thanks – HVNSweeting Apr 7 '12 at 13:14

It's a static mapping, so factor it out.

mkdir foo{1java,2c,3python}
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Another possible way (bash)

  arr=(java c python); for((i = 1; i <= ${#arr[@]}; i++)); do mkdir foo${i}${arr[i-1]} ; done
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No looping...

paste <( printf '%s\n' foo{1..3} ) \
      <( printf '%s\n' java c python ) |tr -d '\t' | xargs mkdir -p
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This might work for you:

parallel --xapply mkdir foo{1}{2} ::: {1..3} ::: {java,c,python}
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