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I'm using Google Docs / Exel and can't work out how or where to add a 'formula'.

I have a column "i" which is the number of items. I have another column "j" which is the cost of those items. Column "i" has various number of items and column "j" has varying prices.

So, in short I want column "k" to be the total of column "i" x column "j".

Any help in how / where to insert this formula is much appreciated.

Thank you

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To add a formula to a cell, you put an equal sign (=) and then the formula. So, the formula for cell I1 times J1 would be:


and would look like this:

an example formula

You could then copy-paste or fill-down this formula for as many rows of data as you have.

Edit: To fill-down a formula, drag the black box on the bottom-right corner down through your rows of data, like this:

fill down explanation

This copies the formula into each cell, replacing the row references with the appropriate row (row 2, row 3, etc.).

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