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I'm having a strange behavior about my network setup. I have 2 laptops, one (Lenovo) with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and another (Acer) with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and a wireless router.

I'm connecting these 2 using the router but with a strange behavior. I can ping both machines, as well as the router, but when i try to access their shared folders (\\computer_name\shared_folder) the connection starts to fail and I need to reboot both machines to get it working again. But this only happens sometimes, sometimes it works.

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This likely has nothing to do with the architecture (64 vs 32 bit). It's probably something else. – Bob Apr 8 '12 at 1:35
It helps to post the error message. Either the message or the event from Event Viewer. – surfasb Apr 8 '12 at 19:09

I am sure that its not because of your Operating system and 32bit or 64 bit versions ,Please check your firewall and Security software.

  • Make password for your user accounts on both laptop
  • Disable firewall in your Internet security software or enable game mode
  • In network sharing center,go to advanced sharing settings , Turn on "Network discovery" and " Turn on password protected sharing" (So make sure these settings are same in your both laptops )

enter image description here

  • In Network sharing center click your other computer name and enter password ,tick the check box "Remember my credentials"

enter image description here

I am also having two computers connected via router one is Lenovo(Windows 7) and other one HP ( Vista).

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