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I would really like to augment my knowledge of Algebraic Geometry from the lectures by Miles Reid which can be found here. However, since I do not have fast Internet all the time, I am searching ways to download these lectures and view them offline.

This question was asked here but the answer is for Linux platform and I think this is the appropriate forum to ask for help.

Can you please help me download? Thanks a lot.

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You can use the Download Helper addon for firefox.

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Use a download manager such as Free Download Manager and add all the files to it. Download overnight or schedule to download when your Internet bandwidth allows. You can pause and resume the downloading even.

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There may be a mplayer port for windows, but VLC will save streams as well

  • Select File->Open Network Stream
  • paste the link in
  • select "convert" from the drop down menu and select a file to save it as
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thank you for your answer. When I click on the video it downloads an .asx file and which I can open in RealPlayer to view it live. But I do not know how to get the url since the video does not stream in my browser but in a media player instead. – user127202 Apr 8 '12 at 11:56

If you wget the file and open it in a text browser then you will find the URL inside.

E.g. I just downloaded the first lesson via these steps:

1) open in new tab in browser. This also opened a media player in my case

2) Notice the URL. ( )

3) wget

4) vim MilesReid(0709).asx

Inside was mms://

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