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When I open Terminal, it fills the screen, there is no way to minimize it. There is no toolbar at the top. It is just a screen of white, with the bash prompt.

I am used to Linux, and controlling a terminal window is normally a simple thing for me. When it is time to end I end up having to do a Cmd + Q to exit. I do not have any other app/utility in Mac do this.

How do I get a Terminal window to open up in a 'normal window', i.e. with a border, sizeable?

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That probably means you're in full screen mode. If you move the mouse to the top the menubar should slide down. There you have a button on the right with two diagonal arrows.

Pressing that button should resize your terminal windows (well, that's true for all full-screen apps)

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Oh man do I feel dumb! Thanks. – diek Apr 8 '12 at 21:12
No reason to feel dumb. That's one of the hurdles you have with a new OS. And to be honest I had to search for a minute or two, too the first time I entered a full-screen mode. First I hit the ESC about a zillion times :) and then well, moved the mouse the the edges to see if something pops up. – boretom Apr 9 '12 at 7:13

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