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Simple problem: I have a PDA/Smartphone which I want to keep synchronized with my Outlook at home and Outlook at work. No problem there, since ActiveSync allows two different PC's.

But now I want to use a third PC, a laptop which I can use when on holidays, and ActiveSync chokes! It can only handle two PC's, so I need to delete an existing connection to add a new one. I hate that!

Well, is there any way to bypass this restriction?

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You're lucky! I can't even get my Windows Mobile setup to remember a single association with my smart phone, let alone two!… – Chris W. Rea Sep 14 '09 at 14:19
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Sounds like it's time to get a hosted MS Exchange account. Connect all the computers to that via Outlook and let the smartphone sync directly to it. Getting a smartphone to sync to multiple machines can be quite the problem. I had a lot of issues with conflicts and duplicated items when I tried to do it without Exchange.

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