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I have a copy of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (single license). I want to use Team Foundation Server (TFS). Do I have the right to install TFS on the same machine than Visual Studio 2010, if I would be the only person¹ to use TFS?

From what I've seen, TFS is marked as a feature of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, not a separate product you have to purchase after buying Visual Studio.

On the other hand, the only DVD I have has only Visual Studio on it, and no TFS (unless it's hidden somewhere).

¹ I work as a freelancer, so I would be the only one using TFS. I know it's for teams; if I want to use it alone, it's because I want to have enough experience with it for my future career.

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TFS runs on SharePoint. I have no knowledge of the product except that it exists, but perhaps you need to download it from MSDN using your credentials acquired using the Ultimate licence. – user3463 Apr 9 '12 at 4:29
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You need to ask a licensing expert for the definite choice, but as I understand it an MSDN subscription comes with a TFS CAL. (There is no TFS server licence, if you install TFS on a single server – data and application tiers on one system – it includes SQL Server Standard for TFS use only.)

Otherwise a pack of ten TFS CALs can be purchased.

It does seem strange to purchase Visual Studio without MSDN, it also seems strange to buy either retail: a two or three year open licence for a single instance of VS+MSDN (at various levels) is available and is considerable cheaper over that period.

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